Fast and secure payouts at scale

Send cash securely through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or ACH, or add gift or prepaid card options, streamlining disbursements for large-scale payout programs.

Sending digital cash disbursements
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Cash disbursements

Improve payout gratification with recipient-chosen disbursement methods


The trusted name in fast, secure online payments and transfers.

  • Accepted globally
  • Arrives instantly
  • 435M+ active users

The leading mobile wallet for secure and speedy money transfers.

  • Accepted in the US only
  • Arrives instantly
  • 90M+ active users

The easy, secure way to receive money directly to your bank account.

  • Accepted in the US only
  • Arrives instantly
  • 100M+ active users
Direct deposit
Direct Deposit

Send payments easily with direct bank-to-bank ACH transfers.

  • Available in the US only
  • Arrives in 1-3 days
  • Deliver to any account
Why choose Giftogram?

Simplify your cash disbursements with scalable digital solutions

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Send in bulk
Delivering cash disbursements at scale is as easy as uploading a spreadsheet.
Cut the costs and effort associated with printing and mailing checks.
Secure distribution
Dramatically reduce the fraud and loss associated with physical checks.
Deliver choice
Pair with a selection of gift or prepaid cards to ensure recipient satisfaction.
Easy personalization
Personalize the disbursement with recipient's information according to your preferences.
Detailed reporting
View and export reports showing you exactly when and where your payments went.
API integration
Integrate cash disbursements into your payout workflows with our API.
Dedicated onboarding
With our customer success team at the helm, we'll achieve your goals together.

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Payout management

Centralize cash disbursements from a single, convenient dashboard

Businessman sending cash payouts

Easily send and manage payouts in bulk

Experience seamless administration of PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and ACH disbursements with our user-friendly interface, built with large-scale users in mind.

  • Send and manage cash disbursements at no additional cost
  • Add gift and prepaid card options for recipient satisfaction
  • Access detailed and downloadable reports
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Get started with dedicated onboarding

Every cash disbursement comes with its challenges, and our G2-rated 5-star customer success team specializes in crafting solutions tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Giftogram is the preferred platform for businesses of all sizes to send gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash disbursements worldwide. We help you eliminate the guesswork of sending gifts, rewards, and incentives by allowing your recipients to choose their preferred gift or prepaid card.

Our platform is free to send gifts and rewards (yes, no additional fees!) and uniquely designed to send out bulk gifts and rewards.

With Giftogram, recipients can choose their preferred disbursement method. Options include PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Direct Deposit, or check. You can limit their choices to include only specific methods as required.

Additionally, you can include options for a prepaid Visa or Mastercard or the recipient's choice of gift card for complete recipient satisfaction.

Absolutely! In addition to adding your company's logo or brand colors, you can customize your recipient's email with a personalized message as required.

Yes, Giftogram has enterprise-level reporting capabilities built right in. Our all-in-one, intuitive dashboard makes tracking delivery activity easy and accessible.

At Giftogram, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to exceptional service. We are eager to understand your needs better and showcase how Giftogram can effectively address them. Schedule a demo with our Customer Success team today!

Getting started is quick and easy! Sign up for a free account, and you can begin sending gift cards in under five minutes.

If you would like to discuss your company or organization's needs or need help onboarding an enterprise account, schedule a meeting with our customer success team.

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