Send gift cards internationally

Easily send gift cards and prepaid cards in international currencies with regional selections—making gifting across oceans as effortless as across the office.

Send gift cards and prepaid cards internationally
Thousands of the world's most well-known brands trust Giftogram
Rewards without borders

Show appreciation on a global scale with flexible international options


Countries and currencies

Send gift cards and prepaid cards worldwide! Our regional gift card selections cater to local tastes, and we handle translations to ensure a smooth redemption process.

Bulk send anywhere
Effortlessly send gift cards and payouts worldwide at scale from a single vendor.
Global currencies
Choose from dozens of available currencies, including USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and INR.
Regional choices
Let your recipients choose gift cards from retailers specific to their country.
International UX
Allow recipients to redeem in their preferred language, wherever they are.
Deliver choice globally

Optimize impact and boost ROI by offering recipient-driven choices

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Total rewards management

Sending gift cards and prepaid cards worldwide just got simpler

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Send international gifts from an all-in-one dashboard

Built with enterprise-class users in mind, we've made it easier than ever to customize and send prepaid cards, gift cards, and cash disbursements worldwide!

  • Send and manage international rewards and payouts
  • Access detailed tracking, precise budgeting, and team management

Effortlessly automate your global incentives

Seamlessly integrate prepaid cards, gift cards, and cash disbursements into your workflows, regardless of where your recipients are located.

  • Connect popular third-party apps (100+ options)
  • Use our open API to create custom workflows
Third party apps to send gift cards

Frequently asked questions

Giftogram is the preferred platform for businesses of all sizes to send gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash disbursements worldwide. We help you eliminate the guesswork of sending gifts, rewards, and incentives by allowing your recipients to choose their preferred gift or prepaid card.

Our platform is free to send gifts and rewards (yes, no additional fees!) and uniquely designed to send out bulk gifts and rewards.

Absolutely! Giftogram makes it easy to send gift cards and prepaid cards worldwide.

Choose from a wide range of options: send regional gift cards to numerous countries across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia, or opt for the flexibility of sending prepaid Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal to almost any location worldwide.

Yes! Si! Oui! はい!

When recipients redeem their Giftogram, we autodetect their location and present them with a user experience in their most likely language. However, the user can change the experience to any language they require with an easy-to-understand interface.

Giftogram is a U.S.-based company, but we have relationships with retailers that allow your recipients to choose from hundreds of gift cards local to their location. See a list of our gift card brands worldwide for the retailers in each area.

Nope! With Giftogram, you only pay the face value for digital and physical gift cards and digital prepaid cards, allowing you to give 100% of your budget to your recipient.

There is a low handling fee when sending physical prepaid cards.

At Giftogram, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to exceptional service. We are eager to understand your needs better and showcase how Giftogram can effectively address them. Schedule a demo with our Customer Success team today!

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