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Automatically send gift and prepaid cards to your recipients with Giftogram's API or integrations for popular HR, CRM, and marketing platforms.

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Giftogram automates hassle-free connections between your company's sales, marketing, and HR tools with hundreds of popular business app integrations.

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Rev up your rewards and incentives! Use Giftogram's API to programmatically send gift and prepaid cards to your users, customers, and survey participants.

  • Save time and resources with reward automation
  • Easily send gifts and rewards from multiple brands
  • Enjoy oversight and reporting through the Giftogram dashboard
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Automatically send gift cards and payouts in bulk

Smart events
Configure Giftogram to auto-send gifts on important dates and milestones.
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Access hundreds of integrations to connect your software seamlessly.
Public API
Leverage our public API for flexible, on-demand gift and reward solutions.
Custom solutions
Let our customer success and in-house development teams solve your unique challenges.

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Frequently asked questions

Giftogram is the preferred platform for businesses of all sizes to send gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash disbursements worldwide. We help you eliminate the guesswork of sending gifts, rewards, and incentives by allowing your recipients to choose their preferred gift or prepaid card.

Our platform is free to send gifts and rewards (yes, no additional fees!) and uniquely designed to send out bulk gifts and rewards.

Yes! Our software enables you to send gifts automatically on specific dates for recipients, such as birthdays or anniversaries, or after a recipient has completed a particular action. You can combine this feature with our built-in integrations for popular HR and CRM software to facilitate 100% automated gifts and rewards.

We do! Our public API makes it easy to create custom workflows to programmatically send gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash disbursements to your users, customers, and survey participants after they've completed an action.

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Do you need something custom? Let's talk! Our customer success and in-house engineering teams are experts at solving unique automation and integration challenges.

Nope! With Giftogram, you only pay the face value for digital and physical gift cards and digital prepaid cards, allowing you to give 100% of your budget to your recipient.

There is a low handling fee when sending physical prepaid cards.

At Giftogram, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to exceptional service. We are eager to understand your needs better and showcase how Giftogram can effectively address them. Schedule a demo with our Customer Success team today!

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