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Join thousands of businesses using Giftogram to send gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash disbursements worldwide, boosting efficiency and delighting recipients—all with zero fees.
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Thousands of the world's most well-known brands trust Giftogram
Enterprise-class reward solution

Unlock hassle-free gift cards and payouts that scale with your business needs

Elevate recognition with easy, choice-driven gift cards

Sending employee rewards in bulk is easy with Giftogram! Allow your team to choose their preferred gift card from hundreds of top brands to celebrate holidays, recognize milestones, and show appreciation.

Woman sending digital gift cards to her employees

Grow customer connections with personalized rewards

Motivate customer loyalty by offering rewards they love! Let recipients choose from cash, prepaid cards, or gift cards from hundreds of popular brands. Easily send to thousands, anywhere in the world, in minutes!

Woman sending incentives to her customers

Drive participation with recipient-chosen rewards

Boost response rates and ensure reliable data with incentives your research participants are guaranteed to enjoy—cash, prepaid cards, or a gift card of their choice. Effortlessly send rewards to your entire list at scale!

Woman sending research incentives

Streamline payouts with flexible digital solutions

Our platform offers diverse disbursement options, including mobile payment apps, ACH, prepaid, and gift cards. Recipients can choose the method that suits them best, making the process more efficient and hassle-free.

Man sending digital claims disbursements
Give recipients choice

Effortlessly send gifts and rewards with the choices your recipients want

Total rewards management

Personalize, send, and manage rewards from an all-in-one dashboard

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Enterprise features—for everyone

Send gift and prepaid cards and cash disbursements with software designed to streamline rewards and payouts at scale.

  • Send gift cards and payouts to your entire list in minutes
  • Manage budgeting and team spending
  • Access detailed, downloadable reports
Why choose Giftogram?

Designed to save you time and money—recipient happiness guaranteed

Reward with choice
Offer recipients choice-driven rewards, simplifying delivery and ensuring satisfaction.
Pay as you go
No up-front costs or additional fees—pay only for the gift cards and payouts you send.
Global rewards
Send gift cards and payouts globally, effortlessly bridging geographical gaps.
Send in bulk
Transform a spreadsheet into thousands of rewards with just a few clicks.
Automate gifts
Automate thoughtfulness and appreciation with event-triggered gifts and rewards.
Custom branding
Personalize gifts with your brand logo and colors to reflect your identity.
Seamless integrations
Integrate popular HR and CRM platforms or our API for seamless reward management.
Personalized support
Guided by our customer success team, we'll meet your objectives together.

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Enterprise-class features

Customize and automate rewards for any occasion, anywhere in the world

Sending gift cards internationally

Send gift and prepaid cards internationally

Break through global boundaries—appreciate your employees and motivate customers with one-stop international options.

  • Send gift cards and prepaid cards in global currencies
  • Offer recipients a choice of regional gift card brands

Gift card rewards tailored to your brand or occasion

Customize your Giftogram to make it truly special! We give you the tools to add your organization's logo and brand colors or a gift card design to match the occasion.

  • Customize with your logo, brand colors, and message
  • Choose a gift card design for special occasions
Custom branded corporate gift cards
Third party apps to send gift cards

Integrate gift cards and payouts into your workflows

Streamline your gift and reward process! Our ready-made integrations and open API allow you to create customized workflows and automate gift-giving.

  • Connect third-party HR, CRM, and marketing apps
  • Integrate our API into your workflow for custom automation

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