10 Ways to Increase Sales Through Marketing Automation

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted July 31, 2018 in Customer Appreciation

From your sales reps to your marketing department, your staff can work more efficiently and effectively through marketing automation.

Marketing automation is smart software that handles the engagements your team should be making for you in real time, resulting in stronger and more successful customer relationships.

To get a better idea of how your team can leverage marketing automation to grow, check out these 10 ways marketing automation can help you work smarter, convert prospective customers, and keep the customers you have coming back for more.

Stop Wasting Your Sales Team's Time on Dead-End Leads

Lead scoring enables you to assign points to any number of actions a prospective customer may take. For example, if a prospective customer opens an email and attends a demo, they’ll have a high score which means they’re ready to talk to a sales rep. On the other hand, if a someone hasn’t even opened a single email, their low score will indicate that you should wait on the sales pitch and send content instead.

Sales statistics

Give Them the Goods Up Front

An effective marketing automation strategy will provide you with insight into how a prospective customer interacts with your company’s website. By understanding their behavior from their initial visit, you can wow them when they return by programming products that peaked their interests to appear first.

Effortlessly Update Sales Reps on the Interests of Each Lead

Use a CRM system to record and communicate a prospect’s particular interests to everyone on your team. That way, you can ensure your sales pitches, educational content, and advertising reflect the goals, aspirations, and benefits they’re seeking to achieve.

Calling leads

Make Every Page Count with Trigger Campaigns

A marketing automation tool empowers your team to turn a website visit into the first of many touchpoints that revolve around a prospective customer’s latest activity. Follow up with perusing prospects via email in targeted campaigns that hone in on the benefits of whatever product they researched to keep that item on their radar.

View Your Lead Pool with Funnel Vision

Depending upon where someone falls in your sales funnel, you’ll want to treat them differently. Marketing automation helps you provide the right content and engagement at just the right time for both prospects and previous customers. Program trigger campaigns that deliver spot-on educational content to first-time visitors, targeted emails that appeal to past activity, and personalized campaigns that reflect past purchases.

Invest More in What's Working and Cancel What's Not

Marketing automation transforms your team into data-based decision makers through A/B testing, which allows you to segment groups of prospects to view two or more versions of an email, web page, or product to determine which results in more activity.  That way, you can be sure to invest effort and cold hard cash into the channels, campaigns, and initiatives that are actually worth it.


Increase Sales Success with Tailored Ads

It’s no longer a guess with marketing automation, because you can show ads inspired by prospect activity right in their feed. Ensure every dollar of your advertising budget is spent wisely by delivering ads specially targeted to reach people who have responded to that product or campaign in the past.

Encourage Repeat Purchases with Automated Alerts

Knowing someone’s preferences based on their purchases along with their past activity with your website, emails, and other marketing collateral makes it easier to re-engage with them in the future. For example, marketing automation can send prospects a post-visit email featuring items they clicked on from your site the moment they go on sale.

Know Your Customers, Grow Your Customers

Marketing automation is becoming an increasingly necessary tool for marketers and sales representatives alike. In addition to encouraging productivity, marketing automation is hyper-focused on helping your team build meaningful relationships with your customers through consistent, personalized engagement.

From data-backed insights to comprehensive customer-centric campaigns, you can better connect with the people who make your mission possible by investing in marketing automation. Check out this list of top-rated tools that can supercharge your marketing strategy today.

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