8 Retargeting Strategies That Convert Sales and Boost Engagement

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted December 18, 2018 in Consumer Incentives

A well-crafted retargeting strategy ensures that every visit to your website is a meaningful one.

By engaging with website visitors after the first touchpoint and continually over time, you can establish relationships with them by keeping your products or services at top of mind. To help you harness the power of post-visit outreach, here are eight retargeting ideas you can try.

Segment Site Visitors to Target Effectively

The most effective retargeting initiatives are highly personalized, because website visitors come to your site for a variety of reasons. Here are some aspects to consider for segmentation:

The number of website visits and time spent on pages
When a prospect visits your site frequently and spends a long time perusing what you have to offer, you can feel more comfortable investing a significant amount of money in retargeting campaigns to engage them. On the other hand, your seldom fly-by visitors should receive a lighter touch when it comes to remarketing.

Content on pages prospects visit
Before you move forward with your aggressive campaign for frequent visitors and initial reach out to someone who stopped by once, determine what they were looking to purchase and which pages they browsed the most. Next, further segment groups by the site categories that most appealed to them.

An online shopper engaging with a retargeting ad

Create Ads That Keep Items on Their Mind

Since you know what caught each prospect’s eye, craft your ads in a way that spotlights items of interest. Keep product-specific ads simple, with a white background, high-resolution photo, a clearly linked text that will take them straight to the product page, and a promo code or sale information if applicable.

Tout the Benefits of Your Loyalty Program

Show prospective customers the value of becoming a frequent shopper by dedicating some of your retargeting strategy to detail the benefits of your loyalty program. Whether you offer free shipping or reward frequent purchases with use-anywhere gift cards, choosing your company will be much more convincing if the perks are presented up front.

loyalty card

Add Some Appeal to that Abandoned Shopping Cart

The best way to reengage site visitors who bolted before buying the items in their shopping cart? Offer them a deal. Send prospective customers who are on the fence about a particular item an email that features:

  • A subject line like: Still interested in [ITEM]? Get it now for 20% off!
  • Header text that reads: Buy now and save XX%!
  • The item(s) in their shopping cart
  • A product-exclusive promo code
  • A sense of urgency: Hurry! Promo code expires in 48 hours 

Bolster Engagements with Related Products

You should always consider add-on opportunities when it comes to your retargeting efforts. By bolstering your retargeting ads with more products to choose from, you increase the likelihood that a prospective customer will click through and purchase. Rather than limiting your ads to a single product, display previously browsed items along with:

  • Similar items that can be purchased alternatively
  • Items that can pair well with the original item of interest
  • New items that have been recently added to the same category
  • Sale items with significant discounts from the same category 
Complementary products paired in a retargeting ad

Share Valuable Content Reflecting Past Behavior

Nurture casual site browsers with content that inspires them to buy. Instead of solely promoting product-based ads, create ads driving past site visitors to blog posts that show how your products can be put into practice. Content has the power to make your products more relatable by going beyond the basic product page and showing items being utilized, enjoyed, and creatively applied in real life situations. Your blog analytics can reveal which popular posts you should be promoting.

Implement Price Drop Alerts on Browsed Items

Who doesn’t love a deal? The difference of a few dollars can make or break a prospective customer’s decision to buy, so make it easy for them to keep tabs on sales that turn items sitting on their wish list into scores they just can’t resist. When a previously browsed item switches from its current category to your website’s sale section, let prospective customers know via email. Much like the abandoned cart email, your goal is to let them know they can purchase the item for less. Your email should include:

  • A clear and compelling subject line like: PRICE DROP: [ITEM BROWSED]
  • The item(s) of interest with photo and listing title
  • Original price paired with discounted price and percent off
  • Buy Now button linking directly to the appropriate product page

A website visitor receiving a price drop alert via mobile

Make a Brand-Forward Next Move on Social

Facebook ads provide you with the opportunity to achieve instant brand appeal with your retargeting ads by offering the ad space and platform you need to create buzz that’s effortlessly eye-catching and easily shareable. To make the most of your Facebook ad investment, set aside some ads to swap stark product photos for hyper-styled editorial photos with bold, blocky text that highlights seasonal trends. This practice will cut through the clutter of prospects’ social media feeds to remind them of items they considered in recent weeks. The more they see your posts, the better they can identify with the lifestyle you channel through your editorial appeal.

While crafting a fine-tuned retargeting campaign takes time, it’s well worth your effort. Digital Information World reports that website visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert, which proves that this practice succeeds in cutting through the noise of never-ending newsfeeds to effectively reach potential customers. With a little effort and creativity, you can turn your website into a revenue-generating powerhouse. Try some of the ideas above today!