8 Tips for Throwing an Awesome 4th of July Office Party

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted June 27, 2018 in Employee Appreciation

Before everyone takes a break to barbecue with friends or trek to the beach, you can leverage the excitement of summer’s most notable holiday for the opportunity to delight your hardworking employees by hosting a 4th of July office party right before the big day.

Company July 4th party

From handpicked playlists to refreshing drinks designed to evoke the holiday spirit, try these 4th of July office party ideas to get everyone in on the fun.

Play a Fun Summer Sport

Not all members of your staff will be athletically inclined, but fortunately, some of the season’s best sports don’t require practice. Buy some bases and a kickball and turn the office parking lot into a playing field for an afternoon tournament.

A few days before, encourage friendly rivalries and team-building at the same time by forming teams by department. Ask each team to collaborate and come up with a clever name for themselves to announce at the start of the tournament. At the end of the day, reward the winners with a trophy bearing their team name and team photo to display in the office to commemorate your awesome 4th of July event.

Set Up Games They Enjoy Off Duty

There’s a good chance that a number of employees at the office enjoy trivia at bars each week. Find out where they go and recruit a local trivia host to put on a 4th of July office trivia game for your party.

The benefits of hiring a host? They have lots of experience working a crowd and they’re well-versed in coming up with questions that touch upon a variety of categories. That way, trivia’s sure to be a hit and as for your part, well, it will be effortless.

Don't forget the Vegetarians

When stocking up the grill, you’ll want to consider the dietary needs of everyone on staff. Instead of accommodating “restrictions”, take this opportunity to reinvent 4th of July barbecue cuisine in fresh and creative ways.

From Hawaiian tacos to spicy grilled watermelon, pair the classic burgers and dogs with dishes that will be different than what everyone will be having the next day at their own cookouts.

Make It a Pet-Friendly Affair

Since your event will likely be outside, why not invite four-legged family members to join in on the fun? Recent studies show that dogs bring positive energy and chill vibes to the office that result in increased collaboration and employee satisfaction. While not all offices will permit pups on site, an outdoor barbecue can give you the chance to enjoy these benefits at your barbecue.

Assemble a Staff Picks Playlist

Sure, Bruce Springsteen and Miley Cyrus have their place on 4th of July, but have you ever wondered what people in the office jam out to while they’re off the clock? Take a community approach to your party playlist and invite people to submit their favorite songs. They’ll love having a hand in creating the soundtrack for the event.

Serve Patriotic Drinks

Add some red, white, and blue to your 4th of July office party bar with colorful and  refreshing cocktails. Keeping the party alcohol free? No worries! These drinks allow you to sip in style without the booze.

Give Employees a Reason to Share Their Day

Stock up on picture-perfect props like sparklers, star-shaped shades, and Uncle Sam hats from your local party store and encourage employees to share party pics on social media with your company’s hashtag of choice.

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors. Any time they post photos from work on their feeds, they’re giving your company a glittering endorsement to their friends, family, colleagues, and professional connections. Not to mention, they’re showing you that they’re genuinely enjoying working for your company. And who wouldn’t want that?

As you plan your 4th of July office party, focus on creating an event worth sharing and you’ll be surprised by just how successful it will be.