Personalized Physical Cards and Direct Mail Services

Melissa DiSalvo
Melissa DiSalvo
Posted November 13, 2023 in Giftogram Platform

As in-person holiday parties and festive office events make a comeback this year, you may want to add physical gift cards to your end-of-year gift program—with matching greeting cards, of course. And even if you are remote, who doesn’t like getting something special in the mail?

To keep you updated on what’s new with our traditional gift cards, here’s a breakdown of our streamlined services, how to order, and need-to-know deadlines.

physical cards

Introducing our 2023 physical gift card collection

While our digital gift cards are always a hit, Giftogram offers the same fun designs in a traditional physical format that recipients can open and enjoy as they celebrate the season together.

Our physical gift cards are the traditional plastic gift cards you know and love, with a few fantastic additions like:

  • Fully customizable designs and branding options
  • Optional matching greeting cards with envelopes
  • Personalized messaging inside each greeting card
  • Optional fulfillment and direct mail services

Holiday designs

Physical gift cards vs. digital gift cards

Digital gift cards are still the go-to for many companies, but there’s something magical about receiving a gift card in the mail with a fit-for-the-mantle greeting card to match. 

As much of our lives migrate to online platforms, holding things in our hands like books, records, letters, and cards has become beautifully sentimental and appreciated more than ever before. 

Order physical cards

How to order physical holiday gift cards

Giftogram makes ordering physical gift cards as easy as can be. Log in to your account and select a festive holiday gift card design from our vast catalog of options. Or upload your own custom design. 

Next, select “Physical’ as your delivery method and choose whether or not to include the optional greeting cards with envelopes. If you add greeting cards, you can add a custom message, image, logo, or signature. Finally, follow the steps on the screen to complete your order. 

If you'd like to utilize our direct mail services, please note so on your order. Our team will reach out to request your list of recipients and instructions for delivery.  We’ll print addresses on your envelopes and apply postage. We can also send your gift cards in bulk to drop-ship locations upon request.

Giftogram custom message

Security features that ensure everyone gets their gift

Giftogram gift cards can be activated and deactivated in a flash, so there’s no need to stress about sending your company gift via standard mail. 

If a recipient’s card becomes lost for any reason, our team can deactivate their original gift card and replace it with a digital one sent ASAP via email.

Giftogram activation

Holiday deadlines

To meet Christmas delivery:
Place your order by December 19, 2023
For direct mail and drop shipping services, please place your order by December 8, 2023

To meet New Year delivery:
Place your order by December 26, 2023
For direct mail and drop shipping services, please place your order by December 14, 2023

Ready to get started? Login and check out the available designs.

If you’d like a hand placing your order or have questions about our fulfillment services, please contact our team at (973) 887-1600 or