How to Send a Giftogram in Less Than 5 Minutes

Melissa DiSalvo
Melissa DiSalvo
Posted September 1, 2022 in Giftogram Platform

Sending gift cards to your employees or customers shouldn't be a hassle. With Giftogram's easy-to-use gifting platform, you'll be able to send gift cards to an individual or in bulk in less than 5 minutes. To send a Giftogram, simply login to your account

Watch this quick tutorial to see how easy it is:

1. Select a design for the occasion

First, select a design you'd like to send. We have hundreds of designs for dozens of occasions.


2. Choose your delivery method, recipient type, and denomination

Next, choose your delivery method. For this overview, we're going to choose "Email." You can send it to individuals or groups or upload a spreadsheet of recipients. Next, select the denomination of your gift card.

Holiday card

3. Customize your Giftogram (optional)

If you want to edit any gift card design or add your logo, select "Customize Giftogram" before you continue.  

Customizing a Giftogram

4. Add recipients

When you're ready to continue, follow the prompts on the screen to complete your order. Add your recipients one at a time or upload a spreadsheet for your order.

Add recipients

5. Personalize your Giftogram.

Add a message to your Giftogram! Create a new one or select from your saved messages.  


6. Select a payment method and schedule your gift

Lastly, select your payment method and schedule when we should send your gift card. You can send your Giftogram today or a date in the future.

Pay and schedule gifts

7. Order complete!

Once completed, your order will be viewable in your order history. Your Giftogram will arrive in the recipient's inbox with instructions on selecting and redeeming their gift card.

Redeeming a Giftogram

Questions? We're here to help! 

Email us at or call us at 973-887-1600 and let us know how we can make our product work best for you.