Unlocking customer loyalty with digital rewards and incentives

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted June 10, 2024 in Consumer Incentives, Gift Cards, Customer Incentives, Customer Loyalty

In an age when your competitors are just one click away, customer loyalty is critical to your company’s success. But with lots of options, crowded inboxes, and the ever-fleeting whims of today’s customers, how can businesses break through the noise and build genuine, long-term relationships with people who grow to love their brand?

What is customer loyalty?

Before you can demystify customer loyalty, it’s important to understand its purpose.

Customer loyalty occurs when someone consistently chooses your brand due to a personal connection you cultivate through great experiences with your products, services, and brand communications.

A recent study shows that 74 percent of customers say that personalization is the key to brand loyalty. It also notes that customers appreciate loyalty initiatives that make them feel valued and understood over generic discounts and perks.

So what’s the secret to delivering loyalty initiatives with a personalized, emotional component? Digital rewards and incentives that reflect customers’ personalities and interests.


8 ways digital to increase customer loyalty with digital rewards and incentives

Forget product promos and nakedly self-serving perks. Instead, offer a personal touch that makes your customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them with branded gift cards that let them choose their reward.

Here are eight ways you can increase customer loyalty with digital gift cards from Giftogram.

1. Create the personalized experiences customers crave

Giftogram enables companies to send customer loyalty rewards that recipients can redeem at their choice of over 200 top brands and retailers. Rather than a one-size-fits-all reward that’s purely hit or miss, Giftogram can help your brand deliver personalized awards that customers can’t get enough of.

2. Incentivize customer engagement—then wow them

Gift cards can be a fantastic incentive that encourages customers to connect and engage with your brand through multiple channels. Consider offering gift cards to:

  • Bulk up your email list
  • Gain new social media followers
  • Amplify your loyalty program
  • Encourage SMS signups

Giftogram allows you to choose denominations in fives, anywhere from $5 to $500, and you only pay for the face value of the card. Plus, you can include a heartfelt personal message with the gift card’s delivery email thanking them for joining your email list, joining your online community, and signing up for your loyalty program.

3. Generate customer feedback

In the same way you feel valued when a colleague or friend asks for your opinion, your customers feel appreciated when you reach out to them to get their thoughts on your products, services, and brand experiences. Since you’re asking them to spend their time helping your business make better decisions, thank them for their contributions with a branded digital gift card.

4. Host brand-centric contests

From hashtag contests that invite customers to show off their wares to tag-a-friend competitions to see who’s best at spreading the word, you can launch fun and engaging contests with customers on social media with branded gift cards as the ultimate prize.

These kinds of initiatives can grow your reach to include new social media followers and new customers—not to mention you’ll likely gain lots of shareable user-generated content (UGC).

5. Turn customers into advocates with referral bonuses

People are more likely to trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends than an ad from your brand, so activate your customers as ambassadors with an enticing referral program.

You can customize Giftogram digital gift cards with your logo to send referral bonuses that perfectly match your brand. And by allowing referring customers to redeem their reward at a retailer of their choice, you can bet they’ll tell more than one friend.

6. Send a token of appreciation

Send Giftogram gift cards to customers “just because” in a surprise and delight initiative that lets your most loyal fans know that you see and treasure them.

Pick a beautiful thank you design from Giftogram’s card catalog, add your logo, and don’t forget to include an enthusiastic personal message in the delivery email.


7. Reach out to lapsed customers

It’s easier to win back lapsed customers when you reach out with a check-in email that includes a special gift. Giftogram’s $5 and $10 denominations make this campaign a lighter lift that could be well worth the return on investment.

8. Stay in touch with targeted communications

When customers regularly engage with your brand due to successful loyalty initiatives, you can better personalize their journey based on the wealth of engagement data you’ve generated throughout your relationship.

Develop automated campaigns that trigger based on specific actions and include digital rewards and incentives that acknowledge their continued patronage, engagement, and advocacy. 

Grow your business with personalized customer loyalty rewards and incentives

Customer loyalty is all about connecting with people personally, even from afar. With the right digital rewards and incentives platform to pique their interest and show appreciation, developing lasting relationships with your customers is achievable—and enjoyable, too!

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