3 Gift Card Giveaway Ideas with Time-Saving Promo Templates

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted October 15, 2019 in Consumer Incentives


Trying to drum up some company gift card giveaway ideas but don’t have the time? Get inspired by the promotions below and be sure to use the complementary email and social media templates so that launching your campaign is a breeze. 

Gift Card Giveaways Are Consumer Crowd Pleasers

Gift card giveaways are becoming increasingly popular because they empower companies to effectively engage customers through desirable rewards. A 2018 study from the National Retail Federation named gift cards as the #1 requested gift by consumers for the 12th year in a row. Considering the decades-old, in-demand status of gift cards, it’s no wonder gift card giveaways are more likely to generate sales, clicks, likes, and responses because they sweeten your promotions with rewards customers actually want. 

3 Company Gift Card Giveaway Ideas with Templates

Launch your gift card giveaway campaign in a lot less time by customizing these social media and email templates to reflect your company’s brand and goals. 

Staff meeting about a gift card giveaway

Goal: Generate More Customer Reviews

According to Spiegel Research Center, about 95% of shoppers look to online reviews before they make a purchase. If you’re lacking in the customer review department, try launching an enticing campaign to build up your profiles on Yelp, Google, and other relevant review sites. 

Email Template 

Send List: All recent customers

Subject Line: Earn a [REWARD] [Example: $10 gift card] by leaving a review on [REVIEW SITE] [Example: Yelp].

Email Content

Header Copy: Write a Review. Get a Reward.

Body Copy:

Hi [FIRST NAME] [Example: Angela], 

It’s really that easy! 

Tell us about your experience with [COMPANY NAME] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] by leaving a review on [REVIEW SITE] [Example: Yelp] and we’ll send you a [REWARD] [Example: $10 digital gift card] that you can redeem at hundreds of popular retailers. 

Simply post your review and send us a screenshot to [EMPLOYEE EMAIL ADDRESS] [marc@happypawspettreats.com]. You’ll receive your reward via email within 5 business days. 

This offer expires in 10 days, so don’t delay!

We mean it when we say we value your feedback. Thanks, as always, for being part of the [COMPANY NAME] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] Community. 


Your Friends at [COMPANY NAME] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] 

Social Media Template 

Post Copy: Earn a [REWARD] [Example: $10 gift card] in minutes by leaving us a review on [Example: Yelp]. Learn more here: [LINK TO REVIEWS PROGRAM LANDING PAGE] [Example: happypawspettreats.com/reviews].

Post-Launch Idea: Once you’ve gained a number of new customer reviews, put them to good use in multiple ways.

Woman entering a gift card giveaway on social media

Goal: Launch a Share-Worthy Social Media Campaign

Invite your customers to serve as online influencers, as their friends, family, and colleagues who follow their social feeds are more likely to trust and respond to their personal recommendations. Is a particular product gaining popularity because of the season or a recent campaign? Now’s your chance to kick back and lean on customer-generated content to build your brand and promote new sales! 

Email Template 

Send List: All customers who bought a particular product

Subject Line: Share how you make [PRODUCT] [Example: Happy Howl-oween Sweater] for a chance to win a [PRIZE] [Example: $100 gift card]!

Email Header Copy: Show Us Your [Example: Happy Howl-oween Sweater] Contest

Email Body Copy:

Hi [FIRST NAME] [Example: Sam], 

You recently bought our [PRODUCT] [Example: Happy Howl-oween Sweater], and we’d love to see how you’re enjoying it! 

If you share a photo with your [Example: Happy Howl-oween Sweater] on social media and tag [BRAND] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] in your post, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card that you can spend at many of today’s popular retailers. 

[NUMBER] [Example: Three] lucky winners will be drawn on [DATE] [Example: October 31st]. 

Thank you for being a valued customer, and we hope to see your post soon!


The [COMPANY] Team [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats]

Social Media Template

Post Copy:  Post a photo of how you’re enjoying the [Example: Happy Howl-oween Sweater] on [SOCIAL CHANNEL] [Example: Facebook] and tag [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] to be automatically entered into a raffle for a [PRIZE] [Example: $100 gift card]! Three lucky winners will be drawn on [DATE] {Example: October 31st]. 

Post-Launch Idea: Save the social media post assets you garner from this campaign to repost throughout the year (or when the appropriate season comes around again) so prospects can see how real customers are using your products.

Woman growing her business through gift card giveaway referrals

Goal: Grow Your Customer Referral Program

Do you have a customer referral program? Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know and that they’re 4 times more likely to purchase when they learn about a product or company this way. 

If this sounds like a winning initiative, it gets better. Starting your customer referral program doesn’t have to be complicated. Create a landing page with basic information (how the program works, reward tiers, email contact, etc.) and use the templates below and the magical, motivational powers of gift cards to gauge your customers’ interest in the concept. 

Email Template 

Send List: All customers

Subject Line: Refer a friend to [COMPANY] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] and earn a [DOLLAR AMOUNT] [Example: $25] gift card!

Email Header Copy: [COMPANY] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] Referrals and Rewards Program

Email Body Copy:

Hi [FIRST NAME] [Example: Jenn], 

Thank you for being a part of the [COMPANY] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] Community.

As a loyal customer, you’re invited to earn a [DOLLAR AMOUNT] [Example: $25] gift card for every friend you refer who makes a purchase using the promo code [UNIQUE PROMO CODE] [Example: JENND20]. Additionally, that friend will receive [DISCOUNT] [Example: 20% off] their first purchase with us!

This code expires in [DAYS] [Example: 90 days] on [EXPIRATION DATE] [Example: January 14, 2020], so begin sharing your unique promo code to begin racking up rewards today!

Questions? Learn more about our rewards program at [LINK TO REFERRAL PAGE] [Example: happypawspettreats.com/referrals] or contact our team at [PHONE] [Example: 222.222.2222].


Your Friends at [COMPANY] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats]

P.S. Here’s a tip: Maximize your referral earnings by sharing your promo code and recommendation on social media. 

Social Media Template

Post Copy: Refer your friends to shop at [COMPANY] [Example: Happy Paws Pet Treats] and you’ll earn a [DOLLAR AMOUNT] [Example: $25] gift card for every friend who makes a purchase. Plus, they’ll save 20% off that first purchase! Learn more about our referral program here: [LINK TO REFERRAL PAGE] [Example: happypawspettreats.com/referrals] 

Post-Launch Idea: Keep new customers engaged with incentives that build customer relations beyond the first buy

Gift card giveaway example from Giftogram

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