Let’s Talk About Activating Your Giftogram Gift Cards

Kristin Coursen
Kristin Coursen
Posted November 6, 2018 in Giftogram Platform

Your Giftogram cards have arrived. Now, it’s time to activate them! While traditional gift cards come with the risk of protecting your gifts from theft or misuse, for your security, Giftogram cards must be activated prior to use. You can also deactivate and monitor your cards in real-time, making the gift-giving process very secure.

Here's How to Activate Your Cards

1. Visit us online at www.giftogram.com 
2. Log into your Giftogram account
3. Click on the “History” dropdown from the menu bar at the top of the page
4. Select “Physical Gift Cards” if given a choice
5. Find the order you’d like to activate and click “Activate All” from the 3 dots at the end of the row. They are now ready to be redeemed!

Screenshot of activation message on Giftogram website

Aside from activating an entire batch of cards at once, Giftogram gives you the flexibility to activate a range of cards or even one at a time. You can select “View Details” to see additional options. On the “Order Detail” page you can click to activate a specific range of cards by entering the number on the back of each card, card carrier or box that the cards came in into the “start” and “end” spaces.  

Screenshot of redemption instructions on Giftogram website

In addition to activating, you can also deactivate a range of cards or all of the cards at once anytime from the same screen. If you only decide to activate some of the cards at the moment, your order status will read “Partially Active.” To prevent theft and misuse, we recommend only activating the cards you need and it is best to deactivate any cards that you believe to stolen or misused.

Woman using phone and laptop to activate Giftogram gift cards
Good news! Our security tools can be accessed anywhere, from your phone or laptop, in the office or on the go. Lost your cards? Have no fear. As long as they have not yet been activated, Giftogram will reprint free of charge.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to visit our support page or call us at 973-887-1600. We are here to help!

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