The fair way to incentivize surveys with digital rewards

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted June 10, 2024 in Survey Incentives

It’s no surprise that survey incentives drive greater engagement, especially when you lead with coveted digital rewards. But to ensure a great experience for participants and reliable outcomes for your business or organization, it’s important to embed ethical survey practices into your process.

Consider these best practices to deliver a survey experience that lets participants know how much you value their time and feedback while leveraging digital survey rewards the right way.


1. Transparently communicate survey expectations and incentive requirements

If you hope to glean valid data from survey participants, set expectations before they dive in. Give them details up front so they have a clear view of what’s ahead and what you expect. These details can include:

  • The length of the survey
  • The average amount of time it takes to complete the survey
  • Requirements for meeting the incentive threshold
  • How their data will be stored and used
  • When they should expect to receive survey rewards

Ensure an equal incentive structure for all survey participants

Survey incentives are a reflection of your brand, so it’s critical to offer an incentive structure that rewards all participants in the same way, regardless of their feedback. For example, giving respondents who provide positive feedback a greater reward than others is not an ethical practice. Even worse, if participants catch on that their incentive is based on positive feedback, you’ll generate biased, inaccurate data that’s ultimately useless.

2. Let survey participants know your company values their privacy

Survey participants have every right to know how their data and responses will be used. Outline what happens when they click submit, including how and where your company stores data and how their responses will be used.

At the conclusion of the survey, add an opt-in field that allows participants to choose whether or not you can share their data for other purposes. For example, you might want to collect email addresses for marketing communications beyond the scope of the survey.

In addition to bulking up your email list, a survey can produce glowing testimonials you’ll want to share with the world. Consider including an additional opt-in field where participants can give your company permission to publicly share their responses.

3. Deliver promised incentives promptly

The moment a participant completes your survey, all eyes will be on their inbox for that dazzling reward. To deliver the absolute best experience, don’t make them wait—send their rewards automatically.

Giftogram’s flexible digital survey rewards platform can integrate with a variety of popular tools. In addition, our public API is great for businesses that want to programmatically incorporate Giftogram into their existing platforms or websites. No matter how you do it, it’s a great idea to automate your survey rewards so your respondents receive them quickly.


4. Create a user-friendly survey experience

Remember, your survey is a brand experience for participants, no matter if it’s their first time engaging with your company or organization or if they’re loyal customers or contacts. Give them the confidence to provide clear, honest, actionable responses by:

  • Providing simple instructions and expectations at the start
  • Structuring the survey in a straightforward way
  • Testing the survey experience with colleagues

While it’s tempting to skip the test step, catching questions or sections that give you pause can help you smooth out the wrinkles in your survey before it reaches a prospect or customer.

In addition to the survey itself, you’ll want to confirm that your incentive delivery process is set up properly so you can ensure that respondents receive their rewards without a wait.

Elevate your survey experience with Giftogram digital rewards

Giftogram empowers companies to supercharge their surveys with convenient, branded incentives that their target participants actually want.

  • Choose from digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash disbursements
  • Brand digital gift cards with your company logo at no extra cost
  • Invite gift card recipients to choose their gift from 200+ retailers
  • Integrate Giftogram rewards into your survey process for automatic delivery
  • Effortlessly track and report on survey incentives to inform ROI

Discover how Giftogram survey incentives and rewards can help your company transform your survey experience for the better. Contact the Giftogram team at or give us a call at 973-887-1600.

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