How to boost survey response rates with digital incentives

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted June 10, 2024 in Survey Incentives

Disappointing survey response rates prevent your team from accessing valuable customer insights that can inspire your business’ best moves. But rest assured, it’s not you.

Ultimately, it’s up to your customers to decide if taking your survey is worth their time—even if it’s only a single question. The good news is, there’s a proven motivator for prospective survey takers: enter survey incentives.

Studies show that just by adding an incentive to your survey ask, you can drive engagement well beyond the typical “good” completion rate of 20 percent. That is, if you offer an incentive customers will actually want.

The key to choosing the right reward is to put yourself in your targeted audience’s shoes. Once you do, it’s no surprise that cash incentives like digital gift cards reign supreme.


Implementing survey incentives

Doling out digital gift cards for every respondent might sound like a heavy lift, but with Giftogram you can effortlessly manage survey incentives at scale across multiple departments.

Giftogram digital survey rewards help your company boost survey participation by inviting participants to choose the gift card reward that’s most appealing to them.

In addition to a breezy recipient experience, the Giftogram platform empowers companies to easily manage survey rewards—from overseeing budgets by department and campaign to generating stakeholder reports.

How to increase survey participation with digital rewards

Once you have digital survey rewards in place, your company can leverage the power of incentives across departments—from uncovering game-changing market research to better understanding the customer return experience.

No matter what kind of surveys you create, look to these steps to keep the actionable data flowing.

Step 1. Promote your survey with rewards customers actually want

A Giftogram is more than a standard gift card. With over 200 brands to choose from, your customers will see it as cash in their pocket.

Consider a subject line, in-product prompt, or banner that spotlights your survey incentive, such as $25 for your thoughts.

Step 2. Deliver a personalized experience that encourages brand affinity

How your company thanks survey participants is a direct reflection of your brand personality. With Giftogram digital rewards, you can create a lasting brand impression.

Personalize your survey rewards

Make your company’s survey rewards your own. Choose a colorful, modern gift card design, brand it with your logo, and add a custom thank-you message.

Schedule digital rewards to be sent automatically

This way, the moment a customer completes the survey, your company instantly shows appreciation for their time and feedback. Giftogram offers seamless integrations for popular survey platforms, or you can use our Public API to add Giftogram to your existing workflows.

Delight survey respondents with the joy of choosing their reward

Giftograms can be redeemed for digital gift cards or prepaid cards from today’s top brands. Brands include go-to online retailers like Amazon, hit stores like Nordstrom Rack, eateries like Chili’s, and vacation-ready companies like Airbnb.

Offer a hassle-free redemption experience

Giftogram allows recipients to take their pick from an intuitive rewards catalog and receive a ready-to-redeem digital gift card in minutes. Preview the redemption experience.


Step 3. Create a survey follow-up strategy to foster meaningful customer relationships

Go beyond the transactional aspect of exchanging feedback for rewards with follow-up communications that let customers know just how much you value their opinions—both good and bad.

For example, let’s say you surveyed customers about your business’ checkout process. If their responses inspired updates that your product team used to streamline, send an email letting them know.

On the other hand, if a customer reported being unsatisfied after an experience with your support team, reach out to them with a personal message to learn more.

These follow-ups serve as touchpoints that promote customer loyalty, along with future survey participation. And when you pair this strategy with digital rewards for incentives, you can count on a spectacular response rate for your next survey.

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