5 business use cases for bulk cash disbursements and payouts

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted June 10, 2024 in Cash Disbursements, Payouts

Managing the distribution of funds at scale is a must for modern businesses. As your business’s need for cash disbursements increases, so will the need for smarter processes around bulk payouts and cash disbursements.

A typical task like issuing rebates may seem like another day at the office to your team, but the recipients on the receiving end consider it a brand experience that defines your relationship. In other words, these types of touchpoints matter.

While businesses have primarily relied on paper checks and other manual processes to distribute funds in the past, many are moving to digital cash disbursements and payouts to deliver a better recipient experience and generate better results for their business—especially when it comes to payments at scale.

In situations that demand bulk cash disbursements or payouts, a digital payments platform like Giftogram can provide:

  • Fast delivery: Send payments to one or one thousand customers in minutes
  • Increased security: Avoid the risk of lost or stolen funds that come with physical payments
  • Effortless tracking: Giftogram records and stores tracking information so you know when payments are received
  • Convenient flexibility: Allow recipients to choose their preferred payout option from gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash disbursements


Common situations that call for bulk cash disbursements and payouts

No matter your business, bulk payout scenarios can occur. Consider these everyday situations and how you can optimize your bulk payout process to transform these customer touchpoints into positive brand experiences.

1. Issuing product rebates

Customers who participate in rebate offers really want that cash. Make the effort worth their time with a quick and seamless rebate process that lets them choose their rebate from gift cards, prepaid cards, or cash disbursement options like PayPal, Venmo, and ACH.

2. Distributing claim settlements

Claim settlements may come from a negative experience, but the disbursement phase is an opportunity to mend your brand reputation. Show customers that you value their patronage by sending bulk settlement funds sooner than they expect in the format that’s most convenient for them.

3. Sending customer appeasements

Product recalls and individual poor customer experiences can come with a bright side if your business perfects the art of appeasement. Use the Giftogram platform to send bulk payouts to customers affected by recalls in just minutes.

For isolated customer complaints, give your support team the ability to send one-off cash disbursements in the form of branded gift cards that let them choose their gift from over 200 popular brands and retailers.

4. Reimbursing customers

When customers qualify for reimbursement, they’re waiting for their money, so speed is crucial to a great experience. Giftogram lets your team send customers one-off and bulk cash disbursements in minutes. And with effortless tracking, you can easily report on reimbursements to ensure an accurate budget.

5. Distributing funds to nonprofit beneficiaries

For many nonprofits, executing their mission involves distributing funds to the population they serve. With Giftogram, nonprofit staff can provide beneficiaries with gift cards and prepaid cards so they can access essential resources without any delay.

Ready to get started?

While these are some of the most common use cases for large-scale cash disbursements, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list. Regardless of the situation, your recipients expect their cash fast, so it’s important to remember that in their minds the process you rely on to deliver these funds is just as important as the funds themselves.

Is your payout process meeting recipients’ expectations? Discover how Giftogram’s digital rewards platform can help your team manage bulk cash disbursements and payouts more efficiently. Contact the Giftogram team at hello@giftogram.com or call 973-887-1600.

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