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Motivate employees and customers to participate in surveys and increase response rates by offering the incentives they want. It's quick, easy, and free!

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Why choose Giftogram?

The most effective way to motivate survey participation at scale

Giftogram gift card software
Focus groups
Reward focus group feedback with prepaid cards or a gift card of their choice.
Customer feedback
Gain valuable customer feedback by offering them an incentive of their choice.
Employee surveys
Boost response rates from staff and candidates with rewards that resonate.
User feedback
Enhance referrals with personalized gifts to reward recommendations.
Motivate with choice

Boost response rates with recipient-chosen rewards and incentives

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Simplify survey incentives with tools designed to send rewards in bulk

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Send, track, and manage from a single dashboard

Reward research participation with recipient-chosen incentives—automate or send in just a few clicks.

  • Send and manage incentives at no additional cost
  • Oversee budgeting, and campaign spending
  • Automate rewards based on respondent actions

Encourage global feedback with international incentives

Reward survey participants worldwide with a selection of regional gift cards or prepaid cards in any currency.

  • Send gift cards in international currencies for global brands
  • Offer international prepaid cards
  • Deliver a user experience tailored to the recipient's language
Sending gift cards internationally
Did you know?

Research incentives can increase response rates up to 30%

Discover how Giftogram can help you send gift and prepaid card incentives at scale, saving you time and money while ensuring recipient satisfaction.
Custom branded gift card rewards

Customize survey rewards with brand assets

We give you the tools to add your organization's logo and brand colors or a gift card design for a consistent user-experience.

  • Customize with your logo, brand colors, and custom message
  • Create physical Giftograms for in-person thank-you gifts

Automatically send rewards to participants

Streamline incentives with tools to automatically reward recipients after they've completed your surveys.

  • Connect popular third-party CRM and marketing apps
  • Integrate our API into your workflow for customized automation
Third party apps to send gift cards

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