How to ethically manage claims settlements digitally

Emily Patz
Emily Patz
Posted May 13, 2024 in Cash Disbursements

As class action lawsuit settlements continue their dramatic rise, businesses and law firms the claim settlement process is becoming an all-too-common brand experience.

International law firm Duane Morris reports that “on an aggregate basis, class actions and government enforcement lawsuits garnered more than $50 billion in settlements in 2023, bringing the combined total for 2022 and 2023 to $113 billion.” The report adds that because of the spike in these lawsuits, businesses should anticipate that the years ahead will encourage aggressive case filings and settlements.

Class action lawsuits can permanently damage a brand’s reputation. So, in light of this growing trend, many businesses are looking to law firms to help them adopt an ethical claims settlement process that doubles as a positive brand experience.

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4 reasons digital cash disbursement solutions are the future of ethical claims settlements

Distributing payments swiftly, securely, and in a manner that recipients prefer is key to an ethical claims settlement process and a favorable brand impression. While this seems like a tall order, many businesses and law firms have found that digital claim settlement payouts check every box.

Learn why Giftogram’s digital payout solutions are a spectacular improvement to the traditionally long and often frustrating claims settlement process.

1. Protect recipient data privacy and security

Unlike paper checks, digital disbursements can be safely delivered at scale in just minutes.

With Giftogram, all sender and disbursement delivery statuses are instantly recorded and organized on the secure, report-ready Giftogram platform.

2. Offer fast, flexible cash disbursement options

Giftogram empowers businesses to offer quick and convenient digital disbursement options that claim settlement recipients prefer.

Businesses can choose to send gift cards, prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards, and cash disbursements via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or ACH. Send one or thousands of payouts in minutes.

3. Deliver cash disbursements via personalized branded communications

Regardless of the challenging circumstances, businesses can bolster their brand image through a smooth payout process that reflects their brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Giftogram enables businesses to personalize every disbursement experience by including custom email messages. In addition to branded messaging, businesses can add their logo to their settlement disbursement emails at no extra cost.

4. Support future communications with transparent reporting and metrics

Effortlessly track each Giftogram cash disbursement with receipt notifications for each recipient.

An intuitive reporting dashboard keeps critical data at your fingertips, allowing businesses and law firms to report on payout amounts, recipients, and other metrics required for compliance.

Meet your digital payout solutions partner

At Giftogram, we know legal compliance is essential to an ethical claims settlement process. Our secure, user-friendly platform streamlines the many steps of claims settlement while closely adhering to laws and regulations.

Discover how Giftogram simplifies claims management and delivers a positive brand experience for cash disbursement recipients—all while giving businesses and law firms confidence and peace of mind.

Contact the Giftogram team to learn more about our personalized digital cash disbursement solutions. Email us at or call at 973-887-1600. 

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