Add multiple brand identities to one account with Brand Kits

Emily Price
Emily Price
Posted May 2, 2024 in Giftogram Platform

We're excited to announce the launch of Brand Kits — a new feature of the Giftogram platform that allows companies to create and manage multiple brand identities within their account for full customization.

Everything you need to know about Brand Kits

Brand Kits is a new feature of the Giftogram platform that allows companies large and small to create custom branding for their campaigns based on their unique brand identity.

Two versions of a Giftogram email using two different custom Brand Kits

It’s an improved version of Giftogram’s original brand customization tools, which will work well for larger organizations with multiple brand identities or subbrands. Here are a few of the key features of Brand Kits:

  • Multibrand Support — Easily manage multiple brand identities within a single Giftogram account. Even add multiple brand identities to each campaign.

  • Enhanced Customization — Add unique brand colors, logos, and messaging for each unique brand identity for full customization.

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Processes — Integrate custom-branded Giftogram rewards into a company’s existing processes and tools with ease.

A screenshot of the Brand Kits feature in the Giftogram platform

How Giftogram customization is changing with Brand Kits

Until now, Giftogram customers could only select a single brand color and upload their company logo for Giftogram campaign customization, which meant that separate Giftogram accounts needed to be created for companies with multiple brand identities.

Now, with the introduction of Brand Kits, customization has become much more flexible. Giftogram customers can now add multiple brand identities into a single account for easy campaign management by account admins. Brand-specific customization will also now include more brand colors, logos, sender names, and messaging.

Two separate color schemes and logos displayed within the Brand Kits feature in the Giftogram platform

Why customized branding is important

Customized branding is important when it comes to sending rewards to your employees, customers, and prospects — it’s not just about aesthetics. Brand customization helps to establish a level of trust.

When Giftogram rewards are customized with a company’s unique brand identity, reward recipients will know exactly who the reward is coming from and will feel confident that the reward they receive is legitimate and secure.

Additionally, maintaining consistent branding throughout all communication channels is an important part of establishing and maintaining brand awareness for a company.

How existing users can begin using Brand Kits

For customers that are already using Giftogram and have identified a logo and brand color, no changes are required with the launch of Brand Kits. Existing brand settings will seamlessly transition to the new Brand Kits feature.

Giftogram users who want to add additional brand identities to Brand Kits can follow the simple steps outlined in our helpful Knowledge Base article.

The Brand Kits feature can be found on the settings page in the Giftogram platform. Simply navigate to "Brand Kits" under "Company Settings" on the left-hand side.

Elevate your Giftogram campaigns with Brand Kits

At Giftogram, we're committed to empowering businesses of all sizes to create memorable gifting and reward experiences for their employees, customers, and prospects. With Brand Kits, we're taking that commitment to the next level.

If you have any questions about our new Brand Kits feature, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. Email us at or call us at 973-887-1600.