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Melissa DiSalvo
Melissa DiSalvo
Posted March 7, 2024 in Giftogram Platform, Gift Cards

When your recipients are located across the world, you need a reward option that will work for everyone. With Giftogram, it's simple to send gift cards to recipients outside the United States in their local currency.

We're always adding additional country and currency support. Currently, you can send gift cards in Canada, Mexico, India, Philippines, Spain, and many other countries.

Where you can find currencies in the Giftogram platform

In the admin setting of an existing Giftogram account, you can navigate to Currency Settings to add any of the available currencies for international gifting. Once these new currencies are enabled, they can be added to existing campaigns.

Send gift cards to your international employees

When sending a Giftogram you can select the currency you want to send right when sending your Giftogram, meaning that your gift card campaigns no longer need to be limited to a single region.

Select gift card currency

Campaigns can still be limited to a specific currency, but it's no longer required meaning you can use one campaign to send to multiple countries in multiple currencies.

Send gift cards in multiple currencies

When recipients receive their Giftogram, they will be presented with gift card options local to the currency you sent them. Canadian Dollars will see Canadian brands, Pound Sterling will see British brands, and Euros will be able to choose from a selection of country-specific brands depending on their location. This works the same with any currency we support!


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